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DevOps helps organizations align development and operations teams to improve the quality of code, undertake continuous integration, and deliver faster.
ExpertIT, a leading DevOps consulting company, can enable continuous delivery pipeline across the cloud platforms for faster time-to-market at reduced costs.


DevOps automates and standardizes the processes for infrastructure deployment. With the help of DevOps, enterprises get faster innovation, better operational efficiency, and improved deployment quality that enables them to focus on their business goals better.

The top DevOps consulting companies provide:

  • Reduction in failures and rollbacks that occur due to the tests that are run frequently.
  • Strong source control, elasticity in Cloud Computing, automated monitoring.
  • Cohesive teams with shared objectives, lean principles, and continuous delivery of value.
  • Fine-grained and detailed service architecture, along with faster mean-time to recovery.
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    Continuous Delivery

    As one of the top DevOps consulting companies, we provide advance continuous delivery capabilities for increased efficiency and automation.

    Configuration Management

    With Cost Optimization and Configuration Management, we provide error-free and fast deployment, eliminating the mismatch of configuration.

    Infrastructure As Code

    Our certified and skilled operations team provides the Infrastructure as Code (IaC), an automated programmable infrastructure.

    Monitoring & Logging

    We use the latest DevOps tools and technologies integrated with our best practices for the process of monitoring and logging.

    Why DevOps Consulting Companies ?

    Fast and speedy execution

    DevOps enables rapid development, testing, and release. It also automates workflows, hence, develops with an exceptional edge and incredible speed

    Improved effectiveness

    DevOps consulting companies help you with the automation of deployments and testing, and also add greater values to your business.

    Efficiency in operations

    DevOps speeds up release cycles by identifying and eliminating wasteful processes. This speeds up the flow of value, having a positive impact on costs.

    DevOps Best Practices What the top DevOps development companies are following?

    For effective collaborations between the development teams and operation teams, there is a list of some of the best practices provided by DevOps which helps organizations in producing better products.

    Active Participation

    Developers, operation staff, and other supporters should be encouraged to work together on a regular basis. When they all see one another as an important factor for each other, it gives the best results.

    Automated Testing

    Agile software developers of ExpertIT focus on writing the quality code, and to excel in that, they test the software as much as they can and as early as possible. DevOps allows early testing which helps in fixing any problems the developers find right away in the process. As a result, Automated Regression Testing becomes a common practice here.
    As compared to manual testing, automated testing allows quicker execution of the Software Development Life cycle.

    Continuous Integration

    It is a software development practice where development teams validate a project by regularly updating the code changes and automated regression testing. It helps developers to carry out integrations frequently. Continuous integrations improve collaborations within the team and help in building a high-quality software product by giving immediate feedback on code defects.

    Automated Dashboards

    Automated dashboards provide the analytics of every operation starting from test durations, number of tests run, number of success, to number of failures in testing. You can review the configuration changes made to the database and server with its help. Automated Dashboards give you real-time data insights which ultimately helps you in choosing the correct set of automation tools.

    Integrated Configuration Management

    Integrated Configuration Management is an essential part of the operations. It is all about management, monitoring, automation and maintenance of system-wide configurations. It enables the development teams to be enterprise-aware and look at the bigger picture. Integrated Configuration Management allows teams to make use of the existing services during software development and helps them understand the impression of a new release.

    Integrated Change Management

    Change Management is a process of ensuring the successful development of the infrastructure by changing and redefining the configurations for better support and to meet the conditions of dynamic situations. If any changes are required during the configurations, change management comes into the picture. With integrated change management, the change operation teams have to work closely with the development team to understand the impact of any technology changes.

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